My Vipassana Experience – Lessons on Change, Triggers and Suffering.

The Start of my Vipassana Experience. I’m outside, walking on the small path that leads from the large meditation hall to the lunchroom, grumbling with frustration. My mind keeps on criticising and commenting on the women around me, judging the similarities of their outfits and the frequency of their tea-drinking. My mind also keeps on singing […]

When You’re Feeling Sad…

All of a sudden (or because of something that happens), a wave of deep sadness and sorrow rises up from below, breaking through the surface of your previous sense of calmness about things in your work/life, pulling you down into its watery depths. Your world changes from manageable to unpredictable in a second, pulling away […]

Holding Space for Uncertainty.

Lying in bed, I found myself caught in a trance of uncertainty, and, as a result, panic. Thoughts, and ‘what if?’ questions flew through my head that I did not want to have, not now, not after the relaxing weekend I’d had. My heart tried to calm the fearful thoughts that sprung from this moment, […]

Feeling Empty? How to Mindfully Accept, Not Fill It.

A general sensation in your torso that, if it could be described in terms of a shape, would be concave. A quiet howl from within, never really heard, but always somewhat present. An empty space that, if it had a hand, would keep on pointing at itself, crying for attention, desperately wanting to be noticed, to […]

When Things Get Intense…

When nothing seems certain anymore… A sensation of heat, heaviness or groundlessness in your body. A sudden wall going up between you, and those around you, as your inner world takes over, transforming suddenly from a blue sky to a black storm. Just outside of your conscious awareness, multiple emotions and thoughts wrestle for control, as you desperately […]

When you Feel like your Own Biggest Obstacle…

Maybe you feel like your own biggest obstacle when the habits you wanted to quit this January, have proven tougher to quit. A moment of feeling low, and you slip back into a habit or reaction you know isn’t a long-term goal, but does offer that immediate fleeting comfort, even if guilt and shame aren’t […]