If you're here, I suspect you're a heartfelt woman in transition. But while others might think you've got it all figured out (or that you will), you've been feeling increasingly out of balance and overwhelmed, not sure how to move forward. 


Take a breath. You are here, now. It is safe.

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Stories from the Field


How To Let Go (of a Thought or Emotion).

To let go of an uncomfortable thought… I felt weak. Vulnerable. Small. Dependent. I’d never felt this way before. It felt very uncomfortable. Unlike me. I tried to analyze it. I tried to figure it out. But somehow, I couldn’t let it go. In my next supervision session, I shared this. And rather than being […]


When You Don’t Know What To Do (But You Have To Do Something)…

…In your relationship He’d asked me to marry him. This is what I’d hoped for on earlier occasions. And yet, now that it had happened, I didn’t know what to do. My throat felt tight. My shoulders were up by my neck. A part of me wanted to shout out ‘yes!’, to find a release from […]


Celebrate You: A Poem.

Celebrate you. The way you are. The tone of your skin. The color of your hair. The lines and bumps on your face. Showing who you are. As you are, an original diamond. Your weathered nature. Life coursing through you. Having carved one of multiple ways, Leading to you.   Celebrate you. Not where you’ve […]

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Welcome - This is me

Feminist, intuitive and creative are all words that seem to fit, even though at times something more conventional would be easier. 

I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to save the world by attempting to fix the outside. I'd like to spend the next 30 years trying to save the world by unravelling gifts on the inside. 

Born in the Netherlands to parents who love to travel,  I grew up on beaches and deserts, in suburban Dutch neighbourhoods abroad and at home.

Love lead me to Frankfurt, where I now try to be and create the roots I seek. 


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"She simply asked me the essential questions I needed to rediscover my own values and my real ambitions."

The Netherlands

"You give so much inspiration and certainty. You listen and understand us with the whole soul.”

Julia Hayat
Future Paramedic

"The world's best listener. You're able to understand and explain emotions so rationally."

Finance Specialist
The Netherlands

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Reflect with a Sisterhood

You might feel alone, being overwhelmed or at a crossroads. And yet, there are so many of you out there! If you’ve been looking for a space to pause, reflect and connect with other women, then Sisterhood is for you. More

Slow Down in Sunday Meditation

When your mind starts to spin out of control, it helps to land back into your body. Let me guide you, so you can fully let go. Join me, each Sunday, for a (live) online meditation. Take a breath. Let’s dive into this moment. More…

Experience Coaching

Have you reached a point where you need someone to untangle your thoughts and feelings with? This is what I love and do – because I relate. It starts with booking a Coaching session, where I deeply see and hear you. More…

Reflect and Connect with a Sisterhood.

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Experience Coaching:

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Connect with yourself (and me).

Receive a guided meditation & inspiration e-mails.