While others might think you've got it all figured out (or that you will), you've been feeling increasingly stressed, anxious or empty, heavy, sad or hopeless, not sure what's right anymore. Your shoulders are tense, your breathing is shallow, your inner world in chaos.

Breathe... I am here for you. Let me support you in this moment.


Connect with yourself (and me).

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Welcome - This is me

Feminist, intuitive and creative are all words that seem to fit, even though at times something more conventional would be easier. 

I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to save the world by attempting to fix the outside. I'd like to spend the next 30 years trying to expand the world by unravelling gifts on the inside. 

Born in the Netherlands to parents who love to travel,  I grew up on beaches and deserts, in suburban Dutch neighbourhoods abroad and at home.

Love lead me to Frankfurt, Germany, where I now try to be and create the roots I seek.  


"I [now] feel like there is a net out there, to catch me if I wobble or stumble."


"She asked the right questions at the right time, did not judge me, and she helped me to come to my own realisations (sometimes freakishly quickly too).”

Esta Tonkin
Etsy shop owner

"The world's best listener. You're able to understand and explain emotions so rationally."

Finance Specialist
The Netherlands

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Connect with yourself (and me).

Receive new columns and announcements in your inbox.