While others might think you've got it all figured out (or that you will), you've been feeling increasingly stressed,
anxious or empty, heavy, sad or hopeless, not sure what's right anymore...
Your shoulders are tense, your breathing is shallow, your inner world in chaos.

Breathe in... and out. You'll be OK, even now.

Connect with yourself (and me).

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"I [now] feel like there is a net out there, to catch me if I wobble or stumble."


"She asked the right questions at the right time, did not judge me, and she helped me to come to my own realisations (sometimes freakishly quickly too).”

Esta Tonkin
Etsy shop owner

"The world's best listener. You're able to understand and explain emotions so rationally."

Finance Specialist
The Netherlands

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Welcome - This is me

Feminist, intuitive and creative are all words that seem to fit, even though at times something more conventional would be easier. 

I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to save the world by attempting to fix the outside. I'd like to spend the next 30 years trying to expand the world by unravelling gifts on the inside. 

Born in the Netherlands to parents who love to travel, I grew up on beaches, deserts and expat compounds - learning to call everywhere my home. 

Life lead me to transform multiple times. And while at first it may have looked like loss, disruption or failure, it's always brought me unexpected good things and increased insight.

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When You Want to Feel Happy…

When you want to feel happy, you may feel ungrateful for not doing so, while at the same time experiencing envy when other people express joy at life. Things you associate with happiness seem elusive and forever just out of your reach, something to continuously strive for: a better career, a more well-suited partner, a […]

When You’re Feeling Crazy…

When you’re feeling crazy, you might feel self-conscious about not fitting in and being more like others. When you’re feeling crazy, it might make you feel wrong and fearful, reminding you of what it’s like to be the painfully uncomfortable odd one out. Crazy is a wild, untameable energy … one that doesn’t want to […]

When You’re Feeling Small…

When you’re feeling small, you may feel a desire to retreat or withdraw, as if the world outside is too loud, too big, too hard to connect with what you need right now. It becomes easier to hide and to confine your gaze to a small, soft space, rather than fight and stretch yourself to […]

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Connect with yourself (and me).

Receive new blogs and announcements in your inbox.