Sisterhood: A Mindful Online Women’s Circle

Sisterhood: A Mindful Women's Circle

Share whatever's going on in this safe group of women.


You think you're alone - but you're not.

I know that you believe you have to figure out everything on your own, that you need to have all the answers right now, and that your doubts, uncertainty and stress are signs that you took a wrong turn somewhere. I know that you fear that, by opening up to others, you'll lose more of your own way, one you're only barely holding on to now.

I want you to experience another way that's possible.

A way that includes having a safe space in your current life to reflect - without being pushed to act or have all the (or any!) answers. A way that includes a private community of women to share whatever is going on in your life with - the messiness, the uncertainty, the wishes, the joys, the hurts or simply the burgeoning observations.

A way that feels like a mindful (online) women's circle: a group of like-minded women to regularly take a pause with and be unconditionally supported by (even when you dare to share those things you usually hide). To feel more calm, light and hopeful - even when life isn't working out as you hoped it would. To truly experience that you're not alone - even when it comes to the things you feel the worst about. I promise...


You don't need to be fixed, or pushed, or told what to do.
But by sharing & taking a breath with others, you'll slowly start to see yourself anew.


How Sisterhood Impacted me:

“Before, I was anxious about next steps, both personally and professionally. Now, I am more calm and precise, more focused. I feel open and intrigued about the future.”

Anonymous, Frankfurt Sisterhood, Spring 2017

“Sisterhood has made me say things out loud which I may feel guilty, sad, ashamed to express, but the other women never criticised me and often actually related and could see some similarities with their experience. Since then, I have felt a growing wish, or need, to speak… what I am thinking about has become more important to me. Every woman should do this!”

Melanie, Frankfurt Sisterhood, Spring 2017

“At first, I was a little apprehensive. Now, I don’t feel as alone with my thoughts or feelings, because the reflection exercises proved that I really wasn’t alone in feeling or thinking the way I do. I feel like Sisterhood has strengthened my voice.”

Anonymous, Frankfurt Sisterhood, Fall 2016.

“I’ve noticed, as I’ve shared my joys and challenges, that I feel more at home in my body. Specifically, I cope with less muscle tension. I feel renewed.”

Julie Fiandt, Virtual Sisterhood, Fall 2016

“I was struggling with huge changes in my life, leaving me in emotional turmoil. Through the eyes of the others in the Sisterhood, I’ve started to see my own strength in facing difficult life situations.”

Anonymous, Virtual Sisterhood, Fall 2016

“Before, some days were great, some days I felt totally at a loss. Now, I’m comparing myself to other women less often. I feel confident, at peace and hopeful.”

Anonymous, Virtual Sisterhood, Spring 2016

“The pressure was off. It is so HEALING to be a part of a circle and witness others journeys and how similar we all are.”

Leah Fox, Virtual Sisterhood, Spring 2016

“Getting to know the other women and listening to their lives/stories helped to pull me out myself. I feel as though I’m on the right path to feeling like my ‘normal’ self again.”

Anonymous, Frankfurt Sisterhood, Spring 2016

“The Sisterhood taught me to share the little feelings, curiosities, wonderings of life. I guess it came at the right time.”

Wieke Meilink, Virtual Sisterhood, Spring 2016

"The most courageous thing a woman can do is to speak and hear herself."

- Wokie Nwabueze.
Sisterhood is a 3-month online, international, mindful women's circle. It's for you if you'd like to regularly slow down, connect, share & feel held by other women in times of transition, distress or uncertainty - no matter what's going on.
What does that look like?
  • A total of five supportive 90-minute facilitated gatherings (approx. every fortnight) to vent, share, feel connected & re-find your centre amidst turmoil, things shifting or uncertainty.
  • Experiencing firsthand how liberating it is to speak without being interrupted, judged or given advice by others.
  • Hearing your own words reflected back to you through multiple, supportive perspectives from the other women in your Sisterhood, based on prompts by me.
  • Reconnecting with an innate sense of calm you have through brief guided mindful moments at the start and end of each gathering.
  • No homework between these gatherings - just life unfolding and you doing what feels right, while knowing your upcoming Sisterhood gathering is there to support you.
  • No imposed theme or goal enforcing a 'way to be' onto you - other than the intention you set for yourself at the beginning.
  • A deep feeling of relief, connection, trust - even if, on the outside, nothing in your life changes.
What I offer:
  • 6+ years of professional experience counselling & coaching women from various ages, cultural & professional backgrounds.
  • Personal experience with being a part of a women's circle, feeling confused, alone & like a failure, an ongoing meditation practice & receiving coaching/counselling.
  • Experience with creating an intimate & safe atmosphere on a video call (it's truly possible).
  • Location: Skype, wherever you are.
  • Pricing: €199  (paying in instalments possible)
  • When will the next round start: March 2018
Sisterhood is the thing I was looking for when I was feeling uncertain, isolated & without support. I'd love to now offer it to you, instead, if this is what you've been looking for. Let me know through the form... xxx

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Did you know that …

… there are various women’s circles all over the world, but few focused on giving you a space to share & reflect on whatever’s going on in your life ?

… feminist psychologist Jean Baker Miller said that “women will not advance except by joining together in cooperative action” ?

… 30% of women who previously participated in Sisterhood have signed up again (and more want to be kept informed about future rounds of Sisterhood) ?


Connect with yourself (and me).

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