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A walking partner, in this messy middle of life.

I know you're tired. Feeling as if the ground you previously stood so firm on, has suddenly started to crumble. Distraught by painful things that continue to unfold in your social media feed or in your head. Struggling to stay hopeful, when life around you, both close and further away, seems to spin more and more out of your control. Trying to find your way back to yourself, above and beyond the stress, the fears and the noise. 


I also know that you're strong, smart and independent.

That you fear that, by asking for help, your burden will increase. That, at least, fighting and struggling on your own is something you know. That you feel reaching out for help would be self-indulgent or a defeat, when you've come so far on your own, and there are so many more urgent appeals.

While I can never truly know how you feel - I do relate to your inner turmoil. That doesn't mean that my experiences make me an expert on life or give me the right to tell you what to do. I deeply trust the windy path that all our lives tend to take, incl. the highs, lows and messy middles. I also believe that an inner wisdom guides you onward, quietly in the background, patiently working for and through you. I'm no better than you, my dear. 


And yet, here you are.

Struggling to tune out voices that lead you to compare, lash out, shut out, worry and judge - whether at (parts of) yourself or others. Feeling alone, self-critical and increasingly uncertain about what's right and what to do.

I'm not here to sell you a quick fix, 5 steps to follow or to 'heal' you. I don't believe life works like that (except in those moments where it does 😉 ). But I do believe that you are whole, resourceful, loved and creative - even in moments of pain, disillusionment, isolation, depression and anxiety. This is the paradox of being alive. I can't offer you an insight that'll take that away. But what I can offer is to walk alongside you for a while, on this ongoing journey of self-discovery and exploration. Our session(s) will be a welcome space for sharing, crying, laughing, breathing, a new way of looking at (and experiencing) yourself, an egalitarian relationship and always, always, a lack of judgement about your present, past and future.


Life tends to unfold organically and cyclically. It might just not happen in the way we expect it.

You've got everything you need within you, my dear. I'm not here to fix you, I can't tell you what will happen and I don't have the answers either.  

But what I can promise is to meet you here, in truth, love and acceptance. To walk along side you, for however long you want, as you continue to figure things out. Along the way, I won't tell you what to do. I won't press any view of a worthwhile life on you. I'm just as imperfect, vulnerable and human as you. What I will do is be your conversation partner, holding a space for whatever you bring to our session. I trust that whatever is on your mind with will guide us onward. We'll do so at whatever pace or depth feels comfortable for you.

You and life unfolding around you are the ingredients of your ongoing journey of self-discovery. I'm just a compassionate witness to help you slow down, reflect, open up to what's there and integrate.


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