Life Coaching & Counselling for People in Transition

Coaching & Counselling for People in Transition

We meet on Skype, wherever you are.
life-coaching-women-frankfurtYou've done everything you can - but something's not working anymore.


You're tired, stressed out or feeling like a failure. Perhaps you've had a burn-out or bouts of depression - or you're just feeling deeply uncertain, not understood by others or yourself. Your confidence, energy and belief in yourself are crumbling by the day.


Your loved ones don't get it. Your friends don't understand the cause of your frustration or feelings. You're not even sure if you believe in the things you were previously so committed to anymore. Your mind and inner world are in turmoil - as you're searching for some kind of foothold, to help you take a breather and reflect on next steps.


You didn't think you'd be here - ever. And you realize it's time to reach out for support.


Maybe you're...


You're struggling with fear, anxiety and stress. You know something has to change, but you feel as if you're wading through mud.

At a New Beginning

Whether it's a new job, a new life chapter, or a move abroad, you're feeling vulnerable and frazzled as you try to find yourself anew.

At a Loss

While on the outside, it seems there's nothing to worry about, on the inside, you're feeling low, insecure and confused.


You've reached a point where you want to stop trying or doing - and simply let go and be for a while. But you just don't know how.

While the paths that lead us here may not have been the same - I can relate to feeling lost, confused, alone and like a failure. And what I've learned from being here multiple times is that moving out of this frame of mind has little to do with beating yourself up, over-analyzing what else you could have done or negatively comparing yourself to others.


It's all about slowing down, breathing, sharing and reflecting...

Know that you've done nothing wrong to be here - and know that this moment too, won't last. The past may have formed part of you and the future may be where you hope for things to be better - but this present is where you can be there for yourself.

What you can expect from a 1-on-1 session with me is a non-judgemental space to slow down, feel held and share what's really going on. In expressing yourself in a safe space and being deeply heard, you may already start to feel better. I'll also support you by offering supportive perspectives on what you're going through, by helping you connect with your body and through exercises that connect you with your own inner world.

Here's how:

If we haven't worked together before, we need a first session for you to determine if I'm the right coach for you. To book one, fill out the form on the right. During our 60-min session, you tell me what's going on. It's that simple and there's no ongoing commitment. The fee for this is €95. If you'd like another session or a regular slot after this, simply contact me again.


Take a breath. And exhale, softening your tension.

If the thought of reaching out seems scary - know that you have nothing to fear; from me, from yourself, or from life. I have no agenda other than working with you for as long as you want.

I am currently unavailable for 1-on-1 sessions. As soon as this changes, I will mention this here, as well as through my newsletter. To receive this, you can subscribe at the bottom of this page. xx

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How Our Session(s) Impacted Me :

“A great moment to be heard. Always felt positive and inspired afterwards.”

Anonymous, Journalist, U.K.

“I felt uncertain & overwhelmed. You created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and authentic. Now, I feel calmer and more confident. I feel more resilient too, like I’m strong enough and capable enough to feel my feelings directly.”

Julie Fiandt, Writer & Creativity Coach, U.S.

“Our talks were useful to help me arrange my thoughts and develop a plan going forward. I feel less guilty and as though I’m finally starting to realize my potential.”

Mohamed Eltayeb, M.Phil Student, Ireland

“What my session with Daniëlle did is really show me that I already had the answers to so many of those questions and that my fears and insecurities were clouding my ability to make any decisions.”

Michelle Huizinga, Trainer & Artist, New Zealand

“You have the ability to dig right into my ‘stuck moments’ and get out what is bugging me, without telling me what to do.”

Alexandra Kossowski, HR Professional, Germany

“She really made me realise that nothing is impossible when it comes to following your heart….”

Emilie Reddingius, Yogini, The Netherlands

“You give so much inspiration and certainty. You listen and understand us with the whole soul.”

Julia Hayat, Paramedic, Germany

"Slow down, breathe and notice..."

Questions? Here's some more info.

How do I know you are right for me?

I recommend reaching out for support from someone you feel a click with. My way of meeting you:

  • is emotionally 'healing' (in the sense that all thoughts and feelings are welcome) and safe like counselling,
  • is creative, collaborative and empowering like coaching,
  • includes your body's awareness and is present in the now like mindfulness,
  • is open-ended, with you deciding when you're done, like talk therapy,
  • doesn't care in the slightest about labels, problems or diagnoses - but does care deeply about how you're doing and what your heart yearns for,
  • is aware of how culture, privilege, gender, race and class shapes all of our lives - but doesn't need to stifle you,
  • is based on the fact that I believe you are whole (even when you're quirky, feel wounded or broken), don't need to be fixed, saved or pushed and trusts in a deeper wisdom in your life unfolding, like Jungian psychology,
  • is comfortable with change, confusion, not knowing, darkness, things going or feeling messy, things falling apart, slow growth, deep (or no) emotions and feeling lost or empty,
  • embraces intuitive, spiritual, alternative and holistic views on life.

There are all kinds of coaches, counsellors, healers, therapists, teachers (with all kinds of different approaches among them) and people reaching out to them in the world - but equally so: many people who help themselves feel better in other ways.

This is my gift to you: you are allowed to decide what you want, now and always - and also, to completely change your mind again tomorrow. Booking a session with me isn't about being stronger or weaker, healthier or less so, better or worse. It's simply about giving yourself what you need to feel better, right now.  

How will sessions with you help me?

Past clients have, since our working relationship:

  • made a career switch from the sciences to the arts & started an Etsy shop,
  • felt all their feelings, noticed their body no longer feels tense & started (slowly, in their own way) to become a coach,
  • quit a job they'd been dreading for years,
  • gone to school to become a paramedic,
  • started to become more accepting of themselves and speak up more at work & home,
  • lost weight and gone back to school to realize their life's dream of becoming a linguist,
  • learned to be more comfortable with the 'windy path' to figuring out what they want,
  • moved to Africa with baby and partner to become a non-profit worker there.

But to be honest - I can't take credit for any of it. What I can take credit for is being a sounding board for a period in their lives. Because here's what most people won't tell you: you don't need me to make a change / do what you really want to do / feel better / become more authentic. Whatever's meant to be will, in good time, find a way.

And yet, in my experience, having a person to reflect with can expand your experience of this moment and what's possible for yourself. Our sessions will be a safe space for you to share what's going on - or for you just to slow down, breathe and connect with your body. It'll all be OK. They will act as a container or anchor of sorts, so that outside of our sessions, you'll feel more connected and supported, no matter what's going on for you.

How do you determine the success of our sessions?

Purely based on your positive experience. This may be anything from one or several of the following: how you feel on the inside, particular actions on the outside or more supportive self-care routines.

What 'success' looks like is different for everyone, based on who you are, what you want, the phase of life or change you're in and what you're struggling with. I let you be the judge of what you most seek or need.

I sit behind a computer all day and want to have a human and personal connection with you. Is that possible online?

Yes it is. It might be hard to imagine, but it truly is. Most of my sessions take place online and each time they feel deeply personal (despite a geographical distance between us) and leave people feeling more connected. The best way to find out if it works for you - is to give it a try. 

I am looking for someone to speak in Dutch or German with. Is that possible with you?


  • We kunnen uiteraard gewoon in het Nederlands spreken tijdens onze sessies. Geef a.u.b. aan bij het boeken van een sessie dat je dit graag in het Nederlands doet.
  • Du kannst natürlich auch gerne auf Deutsch reden. Es könnte sein dass ich, in meine Antworten zu dir, nicht immer die richtige Ausdrücke oder Redewendungen benutze. Wenn du mit jemandem im fehlerlos Deutsch sprechen möchtest, bin ich wahrscheinlich nicht die richtige Person für dich. Wenn du aber die Idee hast, die Chemie zwischen uns könnte stimmen, und es wäre kein Problem für dich manchmal Englische Wörter zu benutzen (oder von mir zu hören), dann bin ich gerne für dich da. Melde bitte auf dein Bookingsformular das du Deutsch reden möchtest.

Do you also work with men?


What is your payment and cancellation policy?

  • Payment is due before our session.
  • You may cancel a previously booked session free of charge up to 24 hours beforehand through e-mail. If you've already paid for your cancelled session I can reimburse you or you can schedule a new session.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged 50%, as I'll have kept this timeslot available for you. If the reason of your late cancellation is illness or an accident, you won't need to pay this.

I cannot afford hiring you right now. What free resources do you offer?

Please see this page for low or no-cost resources I recommend that can support you right now. You can also always reach out to me by e-mail and tell me a bit about what's going on. I want you to know you have someone on the outside you can reach out to. I will always respond to your e-mail.

Connect with yourself (and me).

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